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Emory University’s “Methland” Course

All-university course ‘Methland’ sparks dialogue   By Margie Fishman   “The University Course: Methland” — the first of its kind at Emory — examines Nick Reding’s acclaimed book about a small Iowa town battered by the methamphetamine epidemic.   While the book, “Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town,” is the centerpiece [...]

From the Worthington (MN) Daily Globe

Meth-odology: Author with area connections delves into rural epidemic Beth Rickers, Worthington Daily Globe OELWEIN, Iowa — Nick Reding’s book is filled with colorful characters: an addict who blows up his mother’s house; a doctor battling his own demons while he tries to save his patients; a mayor determined to revitalize his deteriorating town; a [...]

From the Chicago Tribune

Author of ‘Methland,’ about drug war in rural America, wins prize By Elizabeth Taylor October 31, 2009 In Oelwein, Iowa, Nick Reding found the bleeding heart of the nation. Most may regard this part of the world as “flyover country,” but Reding saw it as an iconic place where a town four square blocks, with [...]

Meth’s Vise Grip on Rural America (The Denver Post)

In his new book, “Methland,” journalist Nick Reding has created both a blistering and meditative account of the stranglehold that methamphetamine has on the postindustrial town of Oelwein, Iowa, and how the civic leaders have tried to save their community. Reding’s account is a nuanced look at meth, a drug almost ignored for two decades [...]

Main Street’s Meth Problem (Vue Weekly-Edmonton, Alberta)

In much the same way as the crack epidemic and the myriad social problems that came with it came to embody the drug panic of the 1980s and early 1990s—news reports of the time were filled with stories of social chaos in inner-cities, out-of-control crime rates and, perhaps most notoriously, “crack babies” born addicted to [...]

Methland highlights failing rural economy: the Associated Press (Amy Lorentzen)

Nick Reding, the author of a well-received book about methamphetamine’s grip on a small town, believes the drug is “only a symptom of a larger economic and ultimately political problem.” “That problem is essentially that people can’t make money anymore to do the jobs that have kept places in the middle of the country going [...]

Methland vs. Mythland: NY Times Op-Ed, by Timothy Egan

Like a brief, intense summer squall, a media storm passed over small-town America a few years ago, stripping away what was left of the myth of the rural idyll to reveal a cast of hollow-cheeked white people smoking meth behind the corn silo. It was going to destroy the heartland, this methamphetamine epidemic, just as crack cocaine [...]

Methland: A Drug Book All about Rural Hope (The Daily Yonder)

Nick Reding wrote a book about rural America, but most of the reviews of  Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town begin with Roland Jarvis, the drug addict who burned off his face and most of his fingers when his lit cigarette ignited the chemicals he was using to make methamphetamine in [...]

Life after meth: Iowans share stores (The Des Moines Register)

Oelwein – The story of Oelwein is on Jeffrey Rohrick’s face.

It was nearly burned off when he blew up chemicals in his mom’s home while high on methamphetamine. Doctors did their best to reconstruct his face and nose after the fire.

Rohrick is the visual, sensational aspect of the meth scourge that rattled Iowa through the [...]

Methland: The story behind the book (Oelwein Daily Register)

OELWEIN – A book titled “Methland” is probably not going to create a lot of positive feelings about it at first glance, but author Nick Reding says the book does have a positive message. Reding was in Oelwein Monday to sign copies of his book that has created quite a bit of controversy in the [...]

Iowa town split over portrayal in ‘Methland’ (Minneapolis Star-Tribune)

If you sat down for breakfast at Two Brothers Restaurant in Oelwein, Iowa, last Saturday and asked a smart-looking group of retired women if they were all from there, you’d get Shirley Keniston’s wry response: “We’re all from Methland. Don’t we look it?” They don’t. And yet they are from Methland, which is how Oelwein, [...]

From the Oelwein Daily Register

Click here to link to the Oelwein Daily Register directly or read the review below… Oelwein focus of the new book ‘Methland’ By Chuck Taylor (Editor’s note: Oelwein Daily Register columnist Chuck Taylor has reviewed the recently published book “Methland” which prominently features the city of Oelwein and several of its residents.) OELWEIN – Oelwein [...]

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