1) Crank: How Globalization Effects Everyday Life in a Small American Town
The meth epidemic is a lens into how large-scale, global economic forces have come home to roost not just in rural America, but in the nation as a whole. This talk focuses on the changes to the lives of ordinary Iowans in the town of Oelwein, and how those changes have broad-ranging economic, social, and cultural implications. Nick has tailored this presentation for a number of audiences, from medical school and journalism students to general interest.

2) Heartland: Looking into America’s Future

The interior United States is in the midst of a tectonic shift–in economy, demographics, culture, and politics. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Midwest, the most American place. Towns have disappeared, along with jobs and people. This talk focuses on the changes which have occurred in the Midwest in the last quarter-century, then attempts to answer the question: What will the region–and, by extrapolation, the non-coastal United States–look like in forty years?

3) Nothing Is Lost: Ruminations on the Job of Being a Writer

Writing is unlike most jobs in that there is no blueprint, no road map delineating the different paths to success–or failure. In this humorous and engaging tour through the opaque world of American publishing, Nick tells the story of how a chance incident in Chilean Patagonia in 1998 led to publishing two books about immensely different subjects. In the end, the best–and only–advice for any would-be writer or journalist is, in the words of Henry James: Be someone upon whom nothing is lost.

Please contact Nick directly at nick@methlandbook.com if you’re interested in booking him.
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